Debouncing Actions

There are situations when there is a need to debounce dispatched actions and reduce requests send to our API. Let's consider a simple application that renders a list of news and provides the ability to search among all of them:

class SearchNews {
  static readonly type = '[News] Search news';

  constructor(public title: string) {}

  selector: 'app-news-portal',
  template: `
    <app-news-search [lastSearchedTitle]="lastSearchedTitle()" (search)="search($event)" />
    <app-news [news]="news()" />
  standalone: true,
  imports: [NewsSearchComponent, NewsComponents]
export class NewsPortalComponent {
  news: Signal<News[]> =;

  lastSearchedTitle =;

    private store: Store,
    actions$: Actions
  ) {
        map((action: SearchNews) => action.title),
      .subscribe(title => {
        store.dispatch(new GetNews(title));

  search(title: string): void { SearchNews(title));

In the above example we've got the app-news-portal component that listens to the search event, dispatched by the app-news-search component. The search method, invoked on the search event, dispatches the SearchNews action. Notice that the SearchNews action is defined in the component file because it's never used by any other part of the application. We don't want to overload our server with requests thus we listen to the Actions stream that pipes the SearchNews action with debounceTime operator. Let's look at the below code of how we would implement our NewsState:

export interface NewsStateModel {
  news: News[];
  lastSearchedTitle: string | null;

export class GetNews {
  static readonly type = '[News] Get news';
  constructor(public title = '') {}

  name: 'news',
  defaults: {
    news: [],
    lastSearchedTitle: null
export class NewsState {
  static getNews(state: NewsStateModel): News[] {

  static getLastSearchedTitle(state: NewsStateModel): string | null {
    return state.lastSearchedTitle;

  constructor(private http: HttpClient) {}

  getNews(ctx: StateContext<NewsStateModel>, { title }: GetNews) {
    return this.http.get<News[]>(`/api/news?search=${title}`).pipe(
      tap(news => {
        ctx.setState({ news, lastSearchedTitle: title });

The above state is pretty simple. As you can see we don't create an action handler for the SearchNews but it still will be passed via Actions stream and debounced. It all depends on the task in practice but you're already informed about debouncing actions.

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