A simple console log plugin to log actions as they are processed.


npm install @ngxs/logger-plugin --save

# or if you are using yarn
yarn add @ngxs/logger-plugin


Add the NgxsLoggerPluginModule plugin to your root app module:

import { NgxsModule } from '@ngxs/store';
import { NgxsLoggerPluginModule } from '@ngxs/logger-plugin';

  imports: [NgxsModule.forRoot([]), NgxsLoggerPluginModule.forRoot()]
export class AppModule {}


The plugin supports the following options passed via the forRoot method:

  • logger: Supply a different logger, useful for logging to backend. Defaults to console.

  • collapsed: Collapse the log by default or not. Defaults to true.

  • disabled: Disable the logger during production.


You should always include the logger as the last plugin in your configuration. For instance, if you were to include logger before a plugin like the storage plugin, the initial state would not be reflected.

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