Style Guide

Below are suggestions for naming and style conventions.

State Suffix

A state should always be suffixed with the word State. Right: ZooState Wrong: Zoo

State Filenames

States should have a .state.ts suffix for the filename

State Interfaces

State interfaces should be named the name of the state followed by the Model suffix. If my state were called ZooState, we would call my state interface ZooStateModel.

Select suffix

Selects should have a $ suffix. Right: animals$ Wrong: animals

Plugin Suffix

Plugins should end with the Plugin suffix

Plugin Filenames

Plugins file names should end with .plugin.ts

Folder Organization

Global states should be organized under src/shared/state. Feature states should live within the respective feature folder structure src/app/my-feature. Actions can live within the store file but are recommended to be a separate file like: zoo.actions.ts

Action Suffixes

Actions should NOT have a suffix

Unit tests

Unit tests for the state should be named my-store-name.state.spec.ts

Action Operations

Actions should NOT deal with view related operations (i.e. showing popups/etc). Use the action stream to handle these types of operations.

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