A simple console log plugin to log actions as they are processed.


npm install @ngxs/logger-plugin --save

# or if you are using yarn
yarn add @ngxs/logger-plugin


Add the NgxsLoggerPluginModule plugin to your root app module:

import { NgxsModule } from '@ngxs/store';
import { NgxsLoggerPluginModule } from '@ngxs/logger-plugin';

  imports: [NgxsModule.forRoot([]), NgxsLoggerPluginModule.forRoot()]
export class AppModule {}


The plugin supports the following options passed via the forRoot method:

  • logger: Supply a different logger, useful for logging to backend. Defaults to console.

  • collapsed: Collapse the log by default or not. Defaults to true.

  • disabled: Disable the logger during production. Defaults to false.

  • filter: Filter actions to be logged. Takes action and state snapshot as parameters. Default predicate returns true for all actions.

import { NgxsModule, getActionTypeFromInstance } from '@ngxs/store';
import { NgxsLoggerPluginModule } from '@ngxs/logger-plugin';
import { environment } from '../environments/environment';
import { customLogger } from './path/to/custom/logger';
import { SomeAction } from './path/to/some/action';

  imports: [
      // Use customLogger instead of console
      logger: customLogger,
      // Do not collapse log groups
      collapsed: false,
      // Do not log in production mode
      disabled: environment.production,
      // Do not log SomeAction
      filter: action => getActionTypeFromInstance(action) !== SomeAction.type
export class AppModule {}

The filter predicate takes state snapshot as the second parameter. This should prove useful for some edge cases. However, beware of the fact that the predicate is called for every action dispatched. You may consider using a memoized function for filters more complicated than a simple action comparison.


You should always include the logger as the last plugin in your configuration. For instance, if you were to include logger before a plugin like the storage plugin, the initial state would not be reflected.

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