Select Decorator

You can select slices of data from the store using the @Select decorator. It has a few different ways to get your data out, whether passing the state class, a function, a different state class or a memoized selector.

import { Select } from '@ngxs/store';
import { ZooState, ZooStateModel } from './zoo.state';

@Component({ ... })
export class ZooComponent {
  // Reads the name of the state from the state class
  @Select(ZooState) animals$: Observable<string[]>;

  // Uses the pandas memoized selector to only return pandas
  @Select(ZooState.pandas) pandas$: Observable<string[]>;

  // Also accepts a function like our select method
  @Select(state => state.zoo.animals) animals$: Observable<string[]>;

  // Reads the name of the state from the parameter
  @Select() zoo$: Observable<ZooStateModel>;

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