State Schematics

You can generate a state using the command as seen below:

ng generate @ngxs/store:state

Running this command will prompt you to create a "State" with the options as they are listed in the table below.

Alternatively, you can provide the options yourself.

ng generate @ngxs/store:state --name NAME_OF_YOUR_STATE
OptionDescriptionRequiredDefault Value


The name of the state



The path to create the state


App's root directory


Boolean flag to indicate if a unit test file should be created




Boolean flag to indicate if a dir is created




Name of the project as it is defined in your angular.json


Workspace's default project

When working with multiple projects within a workspace, you can explicitly specify the project where you want to install the state. The schematic will automatically detect whether the provided project is a standalone or not, and it will generate the necessary files accordingly.

🪄 This command will:

  • Create a state with the given options

Note: If the --flat option is false, the generated files will be organized into a directory named using the kebab case of the --name option. For instance, 'MyState' will be transformed into 'my-state'.

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