Meta Reducers

A meta reducer is a higher order reducer that allows you to take action on the global state rather than a state slice. In NGXS, we don't have this concept but you can accomplish this with plugins.

An example of a meta reducer might be to clear the entire state when a user logs out. An example implementation would be:

import { getActionTypeFromInstance } from '@ngxs/store';

export function logoutPlugin(state, action, next) {
  // Use the get action type helper to determine the type
  if (getActionTypeFromInstance(action) === Logout.type) {
    // if we are a logout type, lets erase all the state
    state = {};

  // return the next function with the empty state
  return next(state, action);

Then add it to providers:

import { NGXS_PLUGINS } from '@ngxs/store/plugins';

export const appConfig: ApplicationConfig = {
  providers: [

      provide: NGXS_PLUGINS,
      useValue: logoutPlugin,
      multi: true

Now when we dispatch the logout action it will use our new plugin and erase the state.

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